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Our clients have achieved tremendous successes - for themselves and their organisations - through our Executive Coaching. Read about some of their successes by clicking on the sample case studies below.

  • Case Study 1

    A CEO achieved tremendous growth in confidence and the ability to speak under pressure. This mature and highly successful CEO of a publicly listed group came to us with anxiety and confidence issues surrounding his public speaking and presenting. After assessment, observation and a customised coaching program, he was able to speak with confidence under an extreme pressure situation  ... Read more

  • Case Study 2

    An already very competent and confident CEO and speaker becomes an even more powerful, engaging and inspiring leader. This younger, energetic CEO of the Western Australian branch of an international group was a confident and articulate speaker who had also undergone political training. He wanted to engage our services in order to lift his speaking "to the next level." Feedback from his company indicated that although proficient, he lacked a real spark in his speaking and the content of his speeches - making them too serious or sombre, sometimes heading for a level of sobriety and rhetoric unjustified by the situation.

    After a program that included observations, training, collaborative speech writing and "live" coaching at a prime annual event, the CEO was transformed into a far more engaging and inspiring speaker who enthusiastically connected with hundreds of staff and stakeholders to create a much more powerful presence as the organisational leader.... Read more

  • Case Study 3

    An MD overcomes anxiety attacks and creates powerful results with clients and staff.

    The MD of this publicly listed group came to us with anxiety attacks and a burgeoning fear of public speaking. He had been a confident speaker in the past but had suddenly found himself developing a fear of speaking, with unknown causes. We developed a program that explored his psychological and physiological responses, observed him with staff, trained him in better vocal technique and in public speaking and supported him in the preparation, writing and rehearsal of his speeches and presentations. He not only overcame his anxiety attacks but proceeded to give numerous stakeholder speeches and allow his natural authority and charisma to influence everyone.... Read more

  • Case Study 4

    A self-made MD learns how to use his words to motivate and encourage his people, his clients and his family.

    The MD of a highly successful company came to us to focus on developing his public speaking skills. With no formal education in the area, he wished to learn the art and develop his persuasive ability and presence as his company moved to another level of professionalism and industry presence. Through a training, observation and rehearsal program over several months he spoke persuasively at numerous events, culminating in the gala presentation of his new headquarters building.... Read more

  • Case Study 5

    A senior executive of a global corporation overcomes blackouts and moves confidently into the International C-Suite.

    This Senior Executive for a global brand name firm came to us with concerns about his confidence and presence, as he was being promoted to the Senior levels of this international organisation. He suffered from anxiety about his public speaking and his confidence lacked, especially when speaking in front of the international executive.

    He was reliant on PowerPoints and other assistants for presentations and, additionally, he had found that when presenting he would "black out" for up to 2 minutes shortly after beginning a presentation.

    After an intense program of training in breathing, the psychology and physiology of speaking and support in creating his speeches, he was able to dramatically clear up his problems and proceed confidently into the C-Suite... Read more

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