Case Study 5 - Moving a Senior Executive into the C-Suite through Confident Speaking

The Situation

A Senior Executive for a globally recognised firm came to us with concerns about his confidence and presence as he was being promoted to the Senior levels of this international organisation. He suffered from anxiety about his public speaking and his confidence lacked, especially when speaking in front of the international executive.

He was reliant on PowerPoints and other assistants for presentations and additionally, he had found that when presenting he would "black out" for up to 2 minutes shortly after beginning a presentation.

The Program

I coached him over several months using our Authentic Speaking methodology. We quickly got to the root of his physiological response resulting in "blackouts" and remedied it with a combination of skills development, confidence building and pragmatic solutions to the physical conditions.

We educated him in the principles of the art of public speaking and developed strategies for him to fully engage with his audience and not be reliant on visual aids and crutches.

The Results

This Senior Executive made a rapid improvement and overcame his blackouts, increased his confidence and improved his manner in speaking. He successfully and confidently made the transition to the international corporate suite and is performing admirably there still.

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