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Partner with a speaker who will create powerful business results for you and your people.

Peter McLean is a highly regarded speaker with over 24 years’ experience successfully speaking before and working with people from around the globe, motivating and equipping them with practical principles and skills to accomplish their business, professional and personal goals.

As the creator of the Authentic Speaking® system, Peter knows how important it is to connect with your audience - with their needs, aspirations and goals - and he knows how to do this in a motivating, practical and inspiring way that will lead to results. Moreover, as a deep-level thinker with expertise across multiple industries, careers and cultures, he brings outstanding value to any function or workshop.

Speech Topics Include:

  • "Speak Like a Leader: Change the Way You Communicate, Change the Way You Lead"
  • "Lead For Results: The Principles of Productivity-Driven Leadership™"
  • "Use Your Gifts to the Utmost: How to Leverage Your Gifts and Talents for Success"
  • "Getting the Best Out of Others: How Developing Others' Gifts Helps Everyone"
  • "Changing the Game: Don't Let Others' Rules Dictate Your Results"
  • "Why Your Leadership Development Doesn't Work: The Heart of Building Great Leaders"
  • "Teams That Work: Creating Accountability and Innovation in Teams"
  • "Anyone Can Achieve!"
  • "I Can't Think Straight! Becoming a Clear Thinker in Today's World"

General Topics Include:

  • Communication
  • Senior Leadership Teams
  • Performance Management
  • Changing Culture
  • Communicating Across Cultures
  • Customer Service
  • Professional Services Excellence
  • Personal Success
  • Human Development and Potential
  • Individual and Organisational Resilience

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"Peter McLean recently engaged Local Chambers members and guests in a brilliant, motivating presentation on ‘Productivity Driven Leadership’. His message was very well received by the members who thoroughly enjoyed his enthusiastic style. Peter is a pleasure to work with and I highly recommend his services."

- Sarah Bellows, Local Chambers of Commerce & Industry Inc., W.A.

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