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I have created a series of online video courses that will help you to influence people, develop more powerful client and stakeholder relationships and draw on your own gifts and talents to achieve extraordinary success.

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    2. Authentic Speaking®
  • 40 “Performance Power-Ups” delivered straight to your inbox every week throughout the year – just enough length for the modern attention span and the flexibility for your busy schedule. You’ll have an ever-growing list of videos for your private viewing any time, anywhere, on any device. The videos commenced May 2013.
  • Techniques to draw people to you, increase your leadership effectiveness and be a persuasive, motivating, genuine communicator. Connect with people for alliances and results. Reduce stress and increase your personal fulfilment. Generate more revenue and greater profit. Enjoy your work more.
  • Practical tips and strategies to make the best of your personal gifts and talents. You will be empowered with real ideas, not empty fluff or “motivational speaking” – genuine content, real examples and original IP to prompt and guide your thinking, your behaviours, your strategies and your success.

These videos are based on my original doctoral research, many years of consulting, executive coaching and providing learning & development, and business experiences across more than two and half decades on three continents.

These are relaxed, enjoyable and informative videos, set in my home office. No fancy graphics. No fluff or fads. Just pure content that will actually make a difference.

Why am I doing this?

We are all so busy these days. I often talk with people who say, "I'd love to come to a workshop or have you come to my firm, but there just isn't time." Well, this is as flexible as you can get and presents a low level of investment for great return. If you've already been a client of mine, or have been to one of my workshops, you will still find great value and new ideas, or  old gems that you had forgotten. If you're new to my services, this will provide you with a wealth of practical ideas and insights that will help you. Don't worry: you can still hire me or attend a workshop to gain more value.

Your Investment: If you can claim your expense on your taxes, it may cost you as little as $108 dollars over the year - that's less than 30 cents a day. You couldn't buy water with that money, or even air!

Make A Request: I want to provide some flexibility and responsiveness, so the episodes will not all be filmed right away. As a founding subscriber, if you have a request for specific topics or questions you'd like addressed or answered under the series' theme, then send it through. If I think many of the subscribers will be interested, I'll include an episode on your topic.

Fair Use: I am happy for you to personally show a sample of a video to others and of course you should use the ideas in your own work and development, but note that this is all my original IP. I am trusting you to keep your video links private and to respect copyright. I don't want to have to restrict your access or pursue redress. Besides, the lawyers in my family would have a field day and they have enough work already.

When: Videos arrive at the start of the day once a week.

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Gifted Leadership Video Seminar Series I. 40 online videos on the most important skill you can build: your leadership. Learn how to use your gifts to bring out the gifts of others for high performance.

Topics include: Your Driving Leadership Purpose™. What are your Deepest Gifts? Developing High Performance. Strategic use of your gifts. Leading the 'Unleadable'. Learning from great leaders. Being 'in the zone'. Collaboration. Communication. And much more...

SAMPLE VIDEOS (excerpts from the video series)

Episode 1 - High Performers Use Their Gifts

Episode 2 - Identifying Your Gifts

Episode 3 - Your Driving Leadership Purpose

Episode 8 - A Deep, Dark Secret About Leadership


Authentic Speaking Video Seminar Series I. 40 online videos delivered straight to your inbox every week throughout the year. Each video has 5 minutes of great information, tips and boosts to your speaking and communication - just enough for the modern attention span! Become a more powerful and authentic speaker.

Topics include: The 3 Cs of Authentic Speaking®. Connecting with your audience. Speaking to persuade. Building Confidence. Overcoming fears. Building Presence. Using powerful narratives. Avoiding 'Death by PowerPoint'. Object Lessons. Great speaking models. Commanding the room. Integrity. The heart of the message. Power vocabulary. And much more...

SAMPLE VIDEOS (excerpts from the video series)

Episode 5 - Why Do People Fear Public Speaking?

Episode 6 - Connect With Your Audience

Episode 9 - The Power of Narrative

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