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Our Authentic Speaking® Consulting and Coaching, Workshops and Keynote Services are just part of the broad range of services provided by Lamplighter Performance Consulting.

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Lamplighter Performance Consulting changes the way people and organisations work. We are Management Consultants that dig deep to create individual and organisational change and create dramatic change and improvements in business direction, profitability and success. As a boutique firm, we partner with you and your business to create results that we are both proud of. Visit our main website at for in-depth information, articles, resources and success stories from our clients.


We combine our business expertise and experience with our world class understanding of motivation, human development and talent, learning, communication, leadership and organisational principles to create outstanding and lasting results. We have delivered millions of dollars of value to clients and created dramatic change for the better in organisations and individuals.

We don't believe in management fads, but in proven and evidence-based approaches that yield results. If you want to label your people green, red or blue and treat them as cardboard cutouts, or if you want a cookie-cutter process for improving product quality, then we won't be working with you. If, however, you want intelligently developed, articulated approaches that focus on pragmatic results everyone can be enthusiastic about, then talk to us about how we can work with you.

For more on our Consulting work, visit the main Lamplighter website here.

Executive Coaching

We work with you to transform your communication, your leadership, your results and your satisfaction with your life and work.

We use our Gifted Leadership™ model to develop leaders who deliver results by bringing out the best in themselves and others, while focusing on delivering valuable product.

Whether it be changing the culture, serving the community or delivering products in a manner that you can be proud of, we partner with you using our original methods and research in working with your natural gifts and talents to create greater profit for you or your people.

Visit our Lamplighter Executive Coaching page here for more information and case studies.

Speaking, Workshops and Facilitation

As you can note from the Authentic Speaking® website, we have a great deal of success in communication, speaking, training and teaching at all levels.


Our facilitation focuses not on fads and gimmicks, but on creating dramatic results that matter to your business. Although it may be a fun break and you may learn a few things about yourself and others, jumping off a bridge for "team-building" probably won't change the way you handle your work the next day at the office. We combine our expertise in cognition, motivation, communication and learning to ensure that we facilitate change that matters.

Facilitation is a skill that requires openness, the ability to listen deeply, an ability to structure information and elicit and collaborate on ideas, the ability to comprehend quickly and to help others to articulate their positions and understanding. It also requires the ability to "stoke the fires" of imagination, to not accept mediocrity, to challenge ideas and to provoke new ones. And, ultimately, a facilitator needs to be focused on achieving best and pragmatic results. We bring these skills and approaches to all of our work and, as active coaches and consultants, we bring a wealth of business realism and knowledge to all of our facilitation.

We won't make you hold hands in a circle and sing "Kum-Ba-Yah" - but we will help you develop trust, rapport and collaborative results.

We bring unique insights to strategy development - a critical need for any organisation - developing long-term, yet pragmatic thinking and collaboration. As performance consultants, we consider the entirety of your systems and context in the development of strategy. Plus, we just happen to be very good at it.


Our open and standard Workshops currently include Leadership, Public Speaking (Authentic Speaking), Management Communication and the "Working with Your Strengths" workshop.

We also develop targeted customised workshops and training as stand-alone products or embedded within a larger consulting program.


We receive accolades for the results that we achieve as speakers - through both skill in delivery and motivation, integrated with content that your people can take away and immediately apply.

Our Speaking services are described in more detail on the Authentic Speaking site and on the Lamplighter website.

Read more at our Lamplighter site.

Executive and Employee Profiling

Fundamental to our approach and success is the sincere belief that people are your best asset (even if it can sometimes seem like they are a liability.)

Our Profiling division represents the world's best integrated work preferences profiling tool - Harrison Assessments™ - without hesitation. We consider this the best tool of its type in the world and have gone to great lengths to determine its validity and reliability. You can use the Harrison Assessments Talent System to systematically and scientifically screen candidates, identify high performers' most relevant traits, identify strengths and weaknesses, assist in managing performance, help managers to better attract and retain staff and create a high performance culture.

Harrison Assessments are available as a bureau service, or, ideally, you can train your own people and use it in-house for comparatively low expense, but tremendous value.

Visit Lamplighter's Harrison Assessments page for further information.

Your Gifts At Work™

In development is our unique method for developing and applying your gifts, passions and talents in the workplace to create extraordinary performance. This is an outgrowth of Peter's world-first Doctoral study of professional giftedness and will be further based on our many years of working in development, learning and coaching. Subscribe to our our free e-newsletter to receive articles and updates on Lamplighter's programs.

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Authentic Speaking® is a registered trademark of Lamplighter Performance Consulting. Productivity-Driven Leadership™ and Your Gifts At Work™ are trademarks of Lamplighter Performance Consulting. Harrison Assessments™ is a trademark of Harrison Assessments International.

Your Coach


Peter J. McLean, B.A., PG Dip. Ed., Ct.IV TAA, M.Ed./Ph.D.(candidate)

Creator of the Authentic Speaking®* system, Peter McLean is a highly experienced and inspiring public speaker and coach who knows what it takes to grow as a speaker.

Peter has coached scores of senior managers, executives, Managing Directors and CEOs to help them become confident and powerful communicators.

As a young man, Peter was shy and lacked confidence in social and public situations. He joined local public speaking clubs in Perth to build his confidence and first started to learn his craft there. After working for private industry, he left his home town of Perth and undertook his first degree at University in the United States, taking advantage of unique courses in Public Speaking over a four-year period, during which he won university-wide acclaim in Public Speaking and was appointed as a public representative of the University. His development as a speaker has helped him build a highly successful career as a professional and a leader.


"You [were] passionate about public speaking, it was “hands on”, you were personable and engaging. . . . It was lovely to meet you and thank you again for a brilliant workshop" - Christina Camacho, Client Services Manager, WestScheme

Peter’s formal training includes studies in psychology and education, focusing on communication and on cognitive, behavioural and developmental aspects of learning.  He is currently a Ph.D. candidate at the University of Western Australia, studying the nature and impact of gifted teachers.  He is a passionate teacher who will help you to achieve your potential.

Peter is the co-founder and currently Managing Director of Lamplighter Performance Consulting, a company committed to the empowering the performance of individuals and organisations.

Based on over 20 years of research and experience in public speaking and training, Peter has developed the Authentic Speaking® system to help you to grow in your ability to impact others.

"I learned more in one day from your course than I did from all the other presentation courses I've attended combined!" - Bindi Allan, Client Services Manager, WestScheme


*Authentic Speaking® is a registered trademark of Lamplighter Performance Consulting. All rights reserved.

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