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Executives need to be able to connect with, persuade and inspire their audience.

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Coaching and Consulting for individuals, teams and organisations

Whether leading discussion in the boardroom or speaking from the podium, any senior leader knows that effectively communicating your ideas and your vision is an absolute necessity for leaders.

Authentic Speaking® * is our world class Public Speaking and Presenting Program that builds leaders who can communicate their message clearly and powerfully.  Drawing on over twenty years experience in and study of Public Speaking and Learning, Peter McLean created this revolutionary approach to public speaking training that overcomes barriers and creates genuine communication to help senior executives, business owners and leaders to communicate confidently with presence and authority.

We provide Coaching Programs for individuals and teams and Consulting Programs for organisations in order to create powerful communicators.

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Coaching Programs - Individuals

A Coaching Program is crafted for individuals seeking to become powerful communicators.

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We begin with assessment and setting goals through an interview and discussion with you. This can also be tied into feedback from colleagues and assessment of videotaped presentations that you have already delivered.


The Program's intensity will be designed based on your needs and desire for speedier, dramatic results.

Typical programs may have an intensive period over a number of weeks and/or include meeting at least once a month for 2-3 hours over the program duration. Programs often run over a six-month or longer duration.

We devise a schedule around your speaking engagements such as presentations, meetings, awards nights or your AGM. This way, you are working on real presentations through your coaching. By taping the results, we also have your results for analysis and feedback, so that you can make tremendous, evidence-based improvements over time.

Shorter sessions may be scheduled for rehearsal immediately prior to that important event. These may be conducted at the site for your presentation.

During sessions, you will speak under the coach's guidance - sometimes on a topic that you have prepared in advance, sometimes on impromptu topics. You will be videotaped frequently and use this tape for real-time evaluation and improvement. Your coach will be seeking to use your own natural strengths, passions and experiences throughout, so that you can be authentic and persuasive for your audience.

A Partnership

We work with you or your company to achieve your goals. For you to be successful, however, requires commitment and effort every step of the way.

Additional Benefits

  • Guaranteed monthly face-to-face contact with your coach
  • Work on real projects in your schedule
  • Unlimited access to coach by phone or email (by arrangement)

Results Include ...

  • Speak with clarity and confidence
  • Clearly articulate your vision
  • Connect with your audience on multiple levels
  • Motivate and inspire others
  • Persuade with confidence
  • Build teams and relationships
  • Build interpersonal skills
  • Get better results from meetings or presentations
  • Give productive feedback
  • Listen more actively
  • Develop powerful leadership skills
  • Strategically communicate to achieve objectives
  • Communicate so that people will listen and apply
  • Develop powerful "presence" to influence others

Coaching Programs - Teams

Team Presenting presents its own unique challenges in sales, proposal presentations, competitions and conferences.


We begin with assessment and setting goals through discussion with the chief sponsor or team leader. We can assess team delivery in its current form - through observation or video analysis.


A team program focuses on the interplay between team members, strengths of individual members, stage/area usage, support and delivering a strong central message.

We work with the team to examine issues of energy and enthusiasm and consistency of message.

Many of the Program elements of individual coaching may be included in team coaching, dependent on need and urgency. Time allowing, formats and structures may be prepared, the team may be videotaped and rehearsals may be organised in a preparatory environment or on site.

Additionally, team leaders are coached in being the bridge between presenters, shoring up arguments/positions and helping their team to perform at their best throughout the presentation.

A Partnership

For best results, we should work with your team well in advance of the required event.

Additional Benefits

  • Perfect visuals and their usage
  • Ensure no "Death By PowerPoint" by the team
  • Ensure positive and productive audience interaction
  • Unlimited access to coach by phone or email (by arrangement)

Results Include ...

  • Clearly articulate your message
  • Connect with your audience on multiple levels
  • Persuade with confidence
  • Improved Team Understanding and Performance
  • Increased sales/presentation conversion
  • Get better results from meetings or presentations
  • Strategically communicate to achieve objectives
  • Communicate so that people will listen and apply
  • Provide high level representation of your company and reputation

Consulting Programs

If your needs extend beyond one or two high value or high potential individuals, a consulting program may be a more effective proposition.

Our consulting programs include an in-depth systematic review of your organisation or unit's needs and context. In-house or Open Authentic Speaking® Workshops provide tremendous results in creating great communicators within your organisation. A consulting program will achieve even more, ensuring you achieve stellar, targeted objectives, whether you are looking to:

  • improve internal communications,
  • resolve disputes,
  • improve departmental leadership,
  • improve client service and satisfaction,
  • create more dramatic sales results or stakeholder buy-in,
  • develop powerful representatives of your organisation, or
  • increase the bottom line

As part of our consulting program, we may:

  • Conduct Communications Audits
  • Take 360 degree feedback reviews
  • Observe your staff in situ
  • Conduct Client Surveys
  • Conduct Focus Groups with your staff
  • Develop Workshops or Training
  • Train Your Trainers
  • Create written materials and articles to support learning, development and implementation
  • Develop and Implement Support Systems, Procedures or Policies
  • Develop ongoing Continuous Improvement and Support Mechanisms
  • Develop Accountability Mechanisms
  • Provide remote assistance via phone or email
  • Coach high value or high potential managers or personnel

A consulting program for organisations provides tremendous value and return on investment for numerous staff.

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