Why Develop Your Speaking?

Communication lays at the heart of everything a leader does: convincing others, persuading partners, inspiring followers. By developing your public speaking and communication skills, you put yourself in the top echelon of those who can inspire the confidence of others and create results.

Authentic Speaking® was developed to help build Public Speaking skills that create genuine and authentic communicators - people who speak powerfully to achieve results that matter.

Whether it's the boardroom, the podium or in the media spotlight, you need to be able to influence, persuade and inspire your listeners to action. As a chief executive and business leader, you know that it is vital that you clearly and confidently communicate your vision to executives, staff, clients and stakeholders.

Peter McLean SpeakingBut how can you be confident in developing presence and power as a speaker for yourself or your people?

Lamplighter Performance Consulting coaches numerous business leaders and top executives, helping them to grow as powerful speakers, so that they can be even more effective leaders and create better business results.

  • Develop Your Presence as a Leader
  • Influence your Stakeholders with Confidence
  • Lead and motivate your people
  • Influence the Board and your Executive with your Compelling Message
  • Communicate Your Vision in a Compelling Way
  • Achieve Your Goals and Vision


Our Executive Coaching is world class and has achieved spectacular results for our clients - both through workshops and high level executive coaching. Coaching works through an individualised program built around your schedule, personal and business needs. For further details, please see What We Do.


We see the forest for the trees. Because we approach our consulting with business, environmental and performance frameworks in mind, it means that we have a broader focus on your entire business performance. Lamplighter consults within organisations to analyse and improve your communications performance and work with your staff's whole performance culture to improve the results they achieve with colleagues, clients and stakeholders.

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