Workshop Testimonials

Here are a few of the comments we have had from Authentic Speaking® workshop graduates.

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"What an enjoyable 2 days! The information was interesting, relevant and very practical. The change in my public speaking / presenting style was unbelievable. I am transformed from a nervous / anxious speaker to someone who is calm, confident and more aware of what is required in order to give an informative and enjoyable presentation. I believe that by practising more and using the techniques and strategies you gave me, I can actually enjoy presenting to large groups of people. Thank you Peter."

- Alison Austin, Sales, Pfizer

"I found the workshop of enormous help to me, giving me a sense of structure and organisation to future presentations. I came away with renewed confidence and understanding about my own skills and abilities that I can use when delivering presentations. In a safe and nurturing environment this workshop has helped me move forward and be positive about future presenting opportunities."

- Deborah Gould, District Director, Department of Child Protection

"I enrolled in the Lamplighter workshop to work on anxiety issues with public speaking. My aim was to learn to control those issues for the purpose of job performance in the public arena. Rather than just learn to control and manage my anxiety, I came out with a new-found confidence in my presenting ability and strategies to maintain the confidence so that there is no need to even have to manage any anxiety. The workshop went beyond my expectations and I am really pleased at what I accomplished in 2 days."

- Michelle Howley

"Peter certainly has made Public Speaking a more enjoyable experience. I've learnt techniques that made the subject more interesting than before and could see the audience enjoyed more than before as a result. Thanks Peter."

- Wen Lie, IT Delivery Manager, BankWest

"Peter's workshop was the best enrolment I have made. I always got the case of nerves before presenting or speaking at meetings in front of all the big bosses, but now I have been taught some very effective and easy tools to help me overcome this issue. Throughout the workshop we practised speaking and in two days my confidence grew 10-fold. I can now say I look forward to presenting publicly."

- Ashleigh Harris, Environmental Advisor, Western Areas NL

"Peter was an exceptional teacher and I really learnt alot, including good techniques which will help me further my career. I've overcome my fears and can feel that I'm a much more relaxed, clear and confident speaker. Would definitely recommend this course for people who want to become a better public speaker."

- Brendon B.

"I am sure this course will help me to become a much more engaging and entertaining presenter. Having the opportunity to practise [and] implement the techniques provided at the course and receive constructive feedback was great. Thanks Peter."

- Renée Donovan, Senior Safety and Training Advisor, Swick Mining Services

"The Authentic Speaking course was invaluable to me. In my current position I am required to do a lot of public speaking. This was an area I had great fear and trepidation about. Since doing the Authentic Speaking course I no longer have this fear. I feel I have the skills and knowledge to speak with confidence and engage my audience on a level I never knew existed. Not only am I speaking with confidence I have learnt the necessary skills to engage an audience on all different levels.

Thank you Peter for making not only the course informative and enjoyable but assisting me to apply this to my life. I would highly recommend this course to anyone who struggles with speaking in public or even if they just would like to make some improvements. It was money well spent!"

- Stephanie Soter, CEO, Joblink

"I really enjoyed the workshop. I wanted to improve my presentation delivery and I believe the techniques discussed will really help in this regard. Thanks for the coaching."

- Paul Bassett

"Entering the workshop, I was uncertain as to how much I would benefit from a course of speaking tips and tricks. But this course was not that; it was much more. It deconstructed the art of presenting, and taught us how to communicate with passion and engage with our audience. I learnt a lot and I am sure others who attend will also benefit and experience the same immediate results as I."

- Andrew Canion, Manager, Small Enterprise Network, Chamber of Commerce and Industry WA

"Authentic Speaking was very beneficial to me in terms of being able to better connect with my audience through the structure and content of my speech. I also learnt to better understand the associated pressures involved with giving a presentation and handling the stress and anxiety and putting it into perspective."

- Craig Humphries, Sales Manager, Angove Family Winemakers

Via email: "Hi Peter, Hope you are well, I wanted to thank you again for the confidence you instilled in me during the Authentic Speaking course. I have now done a number of gigs of 50 or more and am gaining more confidence in myself as I progress. It is interesting that now when ever I see someone on TV, be it a world leader or anyone else just speaking, I take mental notes on their delivery and study their techniques."

- Harry Pendergast, Workplace Training Advisor, Chamber of Commerce and Industry WA

"I found Peter’s Authentic Speaking Workshop insightful, inspiring and empowering. I enjoyed the relaxed yet professional delivery of interactive workshop material and certainly took away tools and skills that have allowed me to improve my public speaking content and delivery.

At the completion of the two day workshop I felt more confident in my ability to address a group of people than I ever have before. For those of us who suffer butterflies and wobbly knees at just the thought of public speaking I would highly recommend the Authentic Speaking Workshop – Peter will get you through it!"

- Lorraine Willis, Executive Officer, Family Business Association WA

“Having not been speaking for some time, I found the Authentic Speaking course not only allowed me to regain my confidence, but enlightened me to a truly holistic approach to public speaking. A big thank you to Peter for pushing me into the next level and coaching me to become a truly professional speaker.”

- Bruce Braes, Director, Specialist Strategy Security and Intelligence Group Pty Ltd

(Bruce has been through our workshop and executive coaching and speaks professionally at conferences on topics such as organisational resilience, security and management consulting. After receiving coaching from us, Bruce spoke at international conferences in Dubai and Sydney, receiving standout feedback and results from his presentations.)

"Prior to attending the workshop, I was very nervous and reluctant to stand up in front of other people and make any sort of public presentation. My current position requires me on a regular basis to make presentations to colleagues and other people.

After attending the workshop, I now have the ability to stand up with confidence in front of others and make a presentation. My wife actually commented on my increased confidence just after the first day.

I would recommend Authentic Speaking to anyone who wants to learn more about public speaking."

- Geoff Smith, Senior Safety Coordinator, Public Transit Authority

"I honestly thought it was the most valuable course I have attended and would recommend it to anyone who needs to improve their public speaking skills. This was mainly due to you being passionate about public speaking, it was “hands on”, you were personable and engaging. I could certainly see how my presenting skills had improved during the 2 day workshop.

It was lovely to meet you and thank you again for a brilliant workshop."

- Christina Camacho, Client Services Manager, WestScheme Superannuation

"I came to the workshop to gain confidence, help control anxiety and get useful, constructive feedback on how I could improve my public speaking. I am happy to say that I had my needs met through plenty of practice in actual speaking to the group, rounded out with theory and individualised personalised coaching from Peter. I have learnt how to manage anxiety, gained confidence and learnt how to really connect to my audience. Thanks Peter!"

- Sharon Hamer, Director, Core Dynamics Coaching Pty Ltd

"The 2 day workshop was well structured and paced. It was fun and has given me a number of proven techniques to apply on my journey of becoming the best speaker I can.

If you want to be a great speaker but need support getting there, this 2 day course is going to help."

- Nigel Gravett, CBH Group

"I personally found the workshop very enjoyable and informative. All areas for the skills of Public Speaking were covered in a relaxed and fun environment. I would highly recommend this workshop for all professionals."

- Simon Brown, Senior Exploratory Geologist, Groote Resources; Principal Director, Geoviz

"I'd like to thank Peter for presenting what I would consider an extremely informative and useful 2 days. It's always nice to attend training and take away skills that you can use in the real world, and I'm happy to say that this is most certainly the case here."

- Simon Noon, CEO, Groote Resources Ltd

"I feel that Peter is a motivating speaker who had a lot of valuable lessons to pass on. I am looking forward to utilising his recommendations to improve my speaking skills in small and large audience situations."

- Ellaine Hislop, Development Coordinator, Presbyterian Ladies College

"Thank you Peter for helping me achieve better and more effective communication for delivering training to clients, but also on a personal level you haven given me much more confidence in talking to people at work and in the community.

I strongly recommend the workshop to anyone in business, to help build your career."

- Mark Chamberlain, OSH Consultant, Chamber of Commerce and Industry WA

"Great stories, great platform for sharing. Different activities to keep you engaged [and I] really enjoyed the analysis of speeches and [the teaching of] breathing techniques.

I would definitely recommend it to others!

- Lauren Fogarty, HR Advisor, Decmil

"I originally signed up for this workshop as I thought it would look good on my resume. I don't do much public speaking at work and so it wasn't a skill that I thought I needed to improve .... I have been so surprised at how much I have enjoyed the course and how much I have is now something I really want to develop.

I will begin to volunteer for more public speaking roles at work in the future and I think this will benefit my career enormously over the next few years. I have learned so much over the past few days and look forward to progressing my skills in the future. Many thanks!"

- Zoe Boylan, OE Data Management, Chevron Australia

"I have become more open to the idea of public speaking and given some great information over the last 2 days....I certainly have a good overview of styles and techniques.

Peter as a coach is passionate, experienced and very thorough."

- Jo Henry, Administrator, Chevron Australia

"I approached this course with a degree of trepidation as I am not a confident or practised public speaker. The course (which was attended by a great bunch of people) gradually drew me out and developed a real interest for me in public speaking to take forward and explore further.

Peter was a relaxed and engaging presenter who maintained a very high degree of interest and professionalism over the entire two days."

- Pearse Holohan, Operations Manager, Swagelok WA

"The two days of Authentic Speaking training for me was invaluable. My confidence, ability to speak in front of others and the experience of feeling good at the end of my presentations feels good.

Thank you Peter for sharing your knowledge and experience, your motivation and encouragement. A great 2 days well spent."

- Miranda MacRae, Director, (company name withheld)

"I achieved my goals by completing the Authentic Speaking training in becoming less reliant on written speeches and feel confident in incorporating spontaneously anecdotal examples/stories into what I am saying.

The training provided affirmation that I am able to convey my message well and engage with my audience."

- City Councillor (name withheld for privacy)

"Having a major seminar to host in two months' time, I decided that it would be useful to brush up on my public speaking and presentation skills, as I have been taking a hiatus ...

Upon completing Peter's course, I felt totally rejuvenated and more confident with my abilities to prepare and deliver this upcoming seminar.

Peter put us through live drills, connected my techniques and gave some value added pointers on how to improve. All in, a great two days well spent."

- Digby Falkiner, Principal, JD Squared Investments

"When I first stood up in front of the group, I was overwhelmed with anxiety - so much so that I had to run out of the class (a pattern that I've done for years). After the first day, I was very excited about what I had learnt in just one day and toward the end of the second day, I was excited about public speaking.

The tools I've been taught, I know I will forever be using for continuous improvement of my public speaking, group discussions and one-on-one conversations and interviews.

My confidence has grown and my enthusiasm which I can now express without fear, really has helped me be more comfortable, confident and to get my point across. Thank you."

- Tegan Rodgers, Recruitment, Decmil Australia

"I found Peter to be a n easy going mentor providing common sense, simple solutions and ideas to help construct a more meaningful presentation for my audience."

- Alice, Business Development Advisor, Chamber of Commerce and Industry WA

“Really enjoyed it. Just what I needed! I overcame my fears . . . I got out of it everything I wanted and more.”

- Karen Petrovski, Red Cross

“[I will apply this] 24-7, at work and at social activities. Best training I had all year [and] will apply to every aspect of my life.”

- Yong Wong, Department of Treasury and Finance

Various Graduates:

“I now understand the science of speaking.”

“I have been to other big-name training before, but this was so much better and more personal.”

“I thoroughly enjoyed the workshop and have learnt much that I can apply in real life.”

“Very informative course. Goes beyond the standard material covered in other speaking courses.”


"This course was extremely effective. It gives a speaker all of the tools they will need to get comfortable and be an Authentic Speaker. Course highlights include watching the world's best speeches, pointing out their strengths and identifying why that particular speech was so well received. Peter recognizes each person as an individual and encourages them to play on their strengths to make them more effective. If given another opportunity, I would take the course again."

- Colby Hauser, Senior Consultant - ICNWA, Chamber of Commerce and Industry WA

“To be honest, I came to this workshop with nothing prepared. I didn’t put in any effort to prepare and wanted you to do all the work because I was doubtful. But the results that you have achieved and what people have achieved in these two days is incredible.”

- Dr. Jonathan Heim, Senior Geologist, Rio Tinto Iron Ore

"Having done my fair share of speaking I was really not sure what I was expecting to get out of this course. Having said that, I thoroughly enjoyed the workshop. I have been shown a whole new range of techniques, tips and tricks which I know will come in very handy in the immediate future."

- Josephine Auerbach, Senior Employee Relations Consultant, Chamber of Commerce and Industry WA

"I started speaking within our organisation with no training and no structures. I needed a starting point and this was a great place to start. Great environment & good notes. Great place to start and grow. Cheers Peter."

- Chris Challen, National Maintenance Planner, Emeco

"Thank you Peter. Taking this Authentic Speaking Workshop has provided me with some valuable skills in presenting for use in the workplace. I've always struggled with impromptu speeches .... I'm going away feeling confident about my next public speaking engagement."

- (Name withheld), Operations Manager, Gas Co.

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